The future of a country is marked by its citizens, especially the youngest ones

The economy should be a space of ethics and honesty in their day to day and in their decision-making

Increasingly in the business world, ethics and social actions have a greater weight in the decision making of companies, in their public actions, in their day-to-day internal decisions, and in their long-term plans.

Ethics is the philosophical discipline that studies good and evil and its relations with moral and human behavior. In this field, experts define business ethics ” like the branch of ethics that deals with addressing moral issues in business.” Therefore, the action of the management must always be governed by the good government that establishes as premises the integration in the business future plans of the environmental, social and ethical dimension.

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Establishing as a general goal to value the positive contribution of companies and organizations to achieve a sustainable future both at the company level and in its contribution to local and even international conservation level depending on the scope of action of the company (local or multinational). The theory is clear if you are a good entrepreneur and betting on ethics, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and respect in making decisions to the company will go better.

Of course, the process is not altruistic because companies, in addition, seek a return, something lawful for any company on the other hand. Reason for which environmental or social marketing has been created.

Global Marketing defines this modality: “Green or ecological marketing is one that defines the commercial strategy of a company dedicated, normally, to the sale of organic products. But not only that, but it can also be any other type of product that has been prepared to reduce its impact on the environment.

Therefore, everyone in the business field accepts the environment as a factor in the future decisions of companies. The legal requirements, together with the new demands of consumers, are “changing the world” of the company and above all how the products or services that are launched on the market are designed. As you can see, all companies “fight” to be the greenest, those that sell the most in green, those that consume fewer resources and those that are more efficient.


But reality, as always, commands. In this case, the reality speaks of a business sector that has as a maximum to produce to sell. The demand for competitiveness worldwide speaks of cost savings to be able to compete for cheap resources and lower cost labor.

The World Bank, a benchmark for international capitalism, recognizes that sustainability does not reach the entire planet: “1.2 billion people still have no access to electricity; 870 million are undernourished and 780 million still lack safe and clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people still lack sanitation services.

“The land continues to degrade, forests are lost and species are in danger of extinction as carbon emissions continue to change the environment in which we live”, are the words that remind us of the situation from the international institution.

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Therefore, being sustainable is not the main criterion for most of the business world, but in this case, I must tell you that I am optimistic that once again the problems of a society will be solved by young people.

Young people who show a high degree of awareness of environmental problems and who assume their power as customers by deciding what to buy and also giving opinions on the networks so that more and more people know what degree of satisfaction has produced such a service or product and therefore how Every company works They have no difficulty in protesting something wrong and also do not have any kind of “loyalty” to brands can change without any problem of product provider.

Therefore, the strengths of this generation become the great “fears” of any director of a large company. Great weapon, the “opinion in networks” that is capable of changing the habits of companies, cities, politicians or even societies in general. Therefore let us be optimistic in the future shaped by our young people. And ethics remember the teacher Borges: “As a human being, I am a kind of anthology of contradictions, gaffes, errors, but I have an ethical sense. That does not mean that I work better than others, but simply that I try to act well and do not expect punishment or reward. Heaven and hell are too big for me. “

The disruption of blockchain in current business models

The potential in business and in different aspects of the blockchain’s daily life has not yet developed to its potential. But due to the possible associated disruptions it is important to follow up on their progress and prepare.

Perhaps the application of the most recognized blockchain technology is bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, this technology has been gaining space in different spheres with more and more applications and more actors becoming involved, and its impact can be quite significant and disruptive for current business models with potential for the whole world.

Melanie Swan, founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies, explains in her book “Blockchain: Blue chain for a new economy”, published in 2015, how blockchain technology can be considered the fifth disruptive computational paradigm after central computers ( mainframes) in the seventies, personal computers (PC) in the eighties, the internet in the nineties, mobile social networks in the first decade of 2000, and the blockchain in the decade of 2010.

For this reason, Swan suggests thinking about the blockchain as an advanced information technology with technical levels of escalation sophistication, with multiple applications for any form of asset registration, inventory, and exchange, including all areas of the economy, tangible and intangible assets. (ideas and patents, climate change, health data, hotel reservations, contracts, etc.).

Image result for The disruption of blockchain in current business modelsIn fact, all public records (properties, civil status, car registrations, business licenses, birth and death certificates, etc.) could migrate to the blockchain. Moreover, the blockchain, Swan explains, is a new paradigm of organization for discovery, valuation, and transfer.

The author analyzes that the potential benefits of the blockchain go far beyond financial transactions, and extend to face political, humanitarian, scientific and social issues of the real world.

For example, its application for the management and coordination of public data repositories and the irretrievability of transactions can be a fundamental step to advance and perhaps reconfigure different aspects of humanity.

At the United Nations conference on climate change in 2017, a group of experts identified the potential of the blockchain to face climate change, since it allows greater transparency and participation of different interest groups to find solutions to this challenge.

The open global initiative Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) (created in December 2017 and with more than 100 organizations around the world) seeks to advance blockchain technology and other digital solutions such as internet of things and big data to support the mobilization of climate finance and improve measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) to scale climatic actions for mitigation and adaptation.

The work ” Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system ” that dates from the year 2008 of Satoshi Nakamoto, was the one that popularized the applicability of blockchain for the development of a cryptocurrency (blockchain). A Google Scholar search on blockchain in September 2018 results in more than 44,500 publications of studies on this technology in the last decade.

The blockchain or blockchain consists of a ledger or ledger where all operations are recorded, whose control is dispersed between different computers in the network, each of these with a copy of the chain and with this it eliminates the trust in a single administrator.

Additionally, being a public ledger, transactions can be consulted using a block browser such as This technology, which uses self-monitored and self-controlled algorithms, has the power to reject malicious manipulation attempts in the system.

In 2016, Deloitte defined blockchain as another type of database to record transactions that are copied to all the computers that participate in a network.

The blockchain technology makes absolutely each of the transactions create a block that is added to the chain and is registered in a linear and chronological way with the day and time of this, and it is assigned by the system a unique hash ( hash function ).

Blockchain blocks manipulated transaction attempts and describe them with an alphanumeric string resulting from data encoding using cryptography.

Because of this, any attempt to falsify one of the blocks in the chain would imply manipulating the previous blocks and this guarantees the authentication, transparency, and efficiency of each transaction, and increases the security of the mechanism for attempts to modify transactions.

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The massive adoption and full development of blockchain’s potential will depend, according to Fredrik Voss, vice president of Blockchain Innovation on Nasdaq, to have a complete ecosystem.

According to the OCDE policy forum of the blockchain, in order to reach its potential it is necessary to guarantee the integrity of the processes and requires adequate policies and measures, and also to face the possible risks of its misuse.

For this, governments and the international community will play a significant role in the creation of policies and the regulatory environment of the blockchain bases that are aligned with the challenges to promoting transparent, fair and stable markets.

In an article published in the magazine ” Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review ” by the authors Witold Nowinski (Poland) and Miklos Kozma (Hungary), it is identified that blockchain technology creates value to companies in different ways.

First via transaction authentication mechanisms; second, by reducing costs, since it eliminates intermediaries that were necessary for operations and transactions; third, improving operational efficiency, decreasing times.


The fintech bring new paradigms that drive disruption in both services and in the processes of agent interaction

It is commonly mentioned that fintech brings with it not only new technologies but new paradigms, that drive disruption both in the services and financial products themselves (credits, savings, payments, and insurance) and in the processes or methodologies of agent interaction… And it is true. A clear example of this is collective financing or crowdfunding. Although there are multiple forms and methodologies of crowdfunding around the world, broadly speaking, we can distinguish three approaches or models that will allow us to highlight the novelty of this initiative for consumer agents.

A first model, closer to traditional finance, is Equity-based. This methodology compares more to the public offerings of traditional companies because, basically, the one that contributes to a certain project obtains a financial participation as a percentage of sales or dividends. The novelty in these cases is, then, mainly technological and not so much methodological.


However, one of the most traditional, widespread and disruptive models of crowdfunding was based on rewards (Reward-based). In these cases, when funding a project it becomes part of it, but not (necessarily) in financial terms. This non-financial participation takes different forms but seeks to attract the investor as a consumer. This is, for example, the promise of having an advanced and unpublished version of the product at anchor, participating in the design of the product name or in some detail of its final version, among other examples.

Kickstarter, one of the most recognized crowdfunding platforms, was developed mainly to promote the creation of creative projects (art, music, movies, or creative products) under this logic. The sponsored projects offer rewards such as consumer experiences, being the extra of a film anchored by the platform, getting to know its protagonists, attending the event premiere. To date, this platform created in 2009 that attracts the investor in its role as the consumer has funded more than 250,000 projects through contributions of more than 9 million individuals who mobilized a flow of more than $ 1,900 million.

Another interesting case is that of Indiegogo. Founded in 2008 to promote creative projects, the main difference was that it allowed partial funding. That is, if the project did not reach the total amount proposed on the web, it is allowed to transfer the money collected to start it and continue the collection in conjunction with its execution. It is thus more flexible than Kickstarter, in which if the total amount is not reached the entrepreneur does not receive money to carry out his project.

Finally, a third approach widely spread in crowdfunding is one that is motivated by social impact. While there is no financial or direct consumption reward for the agent that contributes to the project, the desire to have some impact on the community or to see the idea materialized becomes the main driving force of the investor.


Neighborly, a site that started in 2012 for purely social purposes, initially funded projects solely for civic purposes. Although they moved to finance microloans and small municipal bonds, Neighborly allowed neighbors to invest, for example, in bonds to build parks or public spaces, getting a financial return in return. After two years, the initiative had funded 55 community projects for a total of $ 2.5 million.

As can be seen, the most interesting and innovative aspect of these crowdfunding initiatives was not only the ease of connecting thousands of distant agents through technology. In the models introduced by this particular type of fintech oriented to collective financing, the possibility arises that the return is not financial but the desire to consume the product or see the project that is being funded. That characteristic of the investor-consumer is something still unusual for the traditional financial markets.

Lighting audit software & energy consumption

Why LED Lighting audit software?

For business and property owners, there’s no reason to continue using inefficient and unsightly fluorescent or halogen lights.
LED light bulbs last longer, consume less energy and require less annual maintenance. Because of this, more and more facilities around the world are switching to LED lighting – making this one of the biggest financial opportunities in decades for suppliers, ESCOs, distributors, and electrical contractors. These suppliers use Lighting Audit Software like

In fact, by 2030, LED lights have the potential to reduce energy consumption by as many as 190 terawatt hours a possible $15 billion in savings. Per-capita electricity use peaked in the U.S. in 2007. With the exception of a post-recession rebound in 2010, it has declined every year since. Here you can find more about this epochal shift, but the chart that went with it is so remarkable that I’m going to recycle it here.

Past the Peak, and Falling

U.S. annual per-capita electricity generation, in kilowatt-hours

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


What caused the decline? I offered several possible explanations. One of them was increased efficiency of electrical appliances. Several readers wrote in to suggest that perhaps it was the lightbulb that did it. Thomas Edison’s incandescent bulbs are being pushed aside by energy-efficient light-emitting diodes, aka LEDs, and that had to have had an impact on electricity use.


I’d been meaning to follow up on this. Then, in a blog post Monday, economist Lucas Davis of the University of California at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business beat me to it. The residential portion of the decline in electricity use, at least (my chart above includes commercial and industrial use), can be attributed largely to LEDs and other energy-efficient lighting:


Over 450 million LEDs have been installed to date in the United States, up from less than half a million in 2009, and nearly 70% of Americans have purchased at least one LED bulb. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) are even more common, with 70%+ of households owning some CFLs.  All told, energy-efficient lighting now accounts for 80% of all U.S. lighting sales.

LEDs use 85 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Going on an estimate of 1 billion LEDs and CFLs now in U.S. homes, operating three hours per day, Davis estimated an energy savings so far of 50 billion kilowatt-hours per year, or 160 kilowatt-hours per capita, which was about equal to the decline in residential consumption he found. The total decline in my chart above comes to 1,161 kilowatt-hours per capita, which still leaves a lot of electricity savings to explain away — but LEDs and CFLs are surely cutting electricity use in commercial and industrial settings, too.

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The 10 typical mistakes of the ‘denied for savings’ (and how to avoid them)

If you consider that you spend more than you earn and that is why you do not have any way to save, make a stop in your finances because maybe you need to make a paradigm shift and evaluate your learning about saving.

Do you feel that each time a saving goal is proposed, you end up with no money at the end of the month? Maybe, that’s just an excuse because maybe you make the same mistakes in the month and that’s why you never have enough money to handle an emergency fund or programmed savings.

And maybe, you are a judicious person, then do not smoke, do not drink, do not spend money in restaurants or casinos, rather, lack the common causes for those who do not have money. However, when the fortnight arrives or the salary of the month has already practically spent because he had to run to the doctor, he spent more on birthday gifts, or on special dates, he went to find a gift to make it well in high. As in May with Mother’s Day or in June with Father’s Day, two times of the year that for many are a valid reason to spend a little more on the month.

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We are going to tell you that you can spend and at the same time save, you should only leave behind some behaviors that do not favor the goal of reaching your goals. For Diego Prieto Rivera, president of Banco Caja Social, “promoting a savings culture has a valuable connotation in the progress of society since it is easily convertible into another type of assets that leverage development, such as education, housing or creation of Business”. This implies a total change in the paradigms of consumption and the use of money.

We are going to take information from this bank to point out the typical errors of those who consider themselves ‘denied in savings’. Resolve these bad habits soon and you will see how your budget starts to improve and each month you save more. That way you will become a visionary and have a better future.

#1. A ‘denier’ does not know how much he earns and how much he spends

What is not measured is very difficult to control, for this reason, it is important to measure what your income actually spends. It may be that adding all the monthly expenses, both the largest and the smallest, you will be surprised at how much you spend on trifles.

#2. The one who ‘does not know how to save’ has not learned to spend either

Every day we are victims of a culture of consumption that always puts us on the edge of our ability only to acquire whims or sumptuary things. Before succumbing to these temptations, it is necessary to reflect and ask: can I live without this? What long-term benefit does this give me? Then, you can look more objectively at those luxury expenses such as those generated by sweets between meals, cigarettes, coffee, taxis, promotions, among others.

#3. It does not define the initial goals of saving

The savings must meet specific objectives. Initially, it is recommended to meet small goals that demonstrate the power of saving and allow you to change your way of thinking in the face of expenses. Thus, the first goal could be: “instead of buying that coffee in the morning, in two weeks with that money I will buy …”

#4. They keep their saving objectives secret

It is useless for the leaders of a family or any group to talk about saving if they do not share goals and commitments with all their members. C commitments make the process even more stimulating because collectively they will begin to look for how to cut expenses to improve the distribution of income.

#5. They do not detect or cancel the sources of their expenses

Analyze your consumption habits and break paradigms. It is possible to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle by reducing expenses in internet plans, in the use of brands, even in the way of traveling. For example, by sharing the car with family and neighbors at least once a week, it will reduce parking, gasoline, and maintenance costs. What if you manage to share it twice a week, or three times?

# 6 They have ‘atomized’ debts

Many people leave their salaries paying credits for things that were left in the past, others have so many cards and credits that they do not really know where their allowance went. According to Diego Prieto, “you can sell your portfolio to another entity that charges a lower interest rate, and so the new fee will be lower. The interesting thing is to save the difference between the old and the new quota, assuming that the payment is made by the previous value “.

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# 7 When they consolidate debts, they keep their old cards, with high interests

To define which card suits you, analyze features such as management fees and interests. The one with the lowest fee and the lowest interest will be the healthiest for your economy.

# 8 In your budget, you only save ‘what you reach’

By combating unnecessary expenses and adjusting your debts, you will have a healthier economy that will allow you to put savings among the priorities and not among the options. For that, look for applications that will allow you to make a budget and put the savings item within your expenses. Or with a spreadsheet, you can do this exercise. The apps of the banks also allow you to make a budget management, with your income, expenses and monthly savings.

# 9. They do not establish spending plans

Defining the expenses you can make will increase control and knowledge of your lifestyle and allow you to use revenue responsibly. For this, there are simple options, such as making the list of the market and buy what is really needed, instead of falling into the temptation to acquire something just because it is in a promotion. It is also very important to compare the prices of similar products and opt for the most favorable for the household budget.

Additionally, it is possible to save by taking advantage of the discounts for prompt payment of the bills or by going to ways that help reduce what is paid in public services, such as reducing the consumption of electricity and water.

# 10. They ignore what technology can bring

Nothing better than using solutions such as spreadsheets and applications or macros to organize budgets and payment plans to have visibility into your income, your expenses and, most importantly, your savings. Also, take advantage of digital banking and electronic payments to accurately know your expenses.

Less use of cash leads to a natural saving. Paying through applications helps you even keep track of your income and expenses. Nowadays, almost everything that is generated in electronic form is free; in addition, he stops running the risk of losing the cash if for some eventuality he throws his wallet or it is stolen.

10 financial mistakes you must avoid at all costs


In times where extra money arrives, such as severance payments or employees’ legal premium, people make mistakes, without learning from them.

The time has come to receive the bonus and almost always the workers make several mistakes with it: they spend it before, they use it for the children’s school or even, when they withdraw it, they do not take security measures and are victims of the thieves.

That does not have to continue like this. Anyone can make decisions on time and correct those things to stop losing money . In fact, an article by, written by Aurelio Jiménez from the El Salmon Blog portal, states that we get used to the fact that money goes in and out of people’s pockets, without being measured and until the day of death. It seems simple to say but the most common mistake that individuals make is to believe that they can spend more money than they receive.

Therefore, bad individual decisions can lead to the bankruptcy of the entire economy of a country: this happened in Albania, with the fall of the pyramids or Ponzi schemes, with the abuse of toxic mortgages packaged in complex stock products that led to the bankruptcy of major US financial firms, or the exaggerated public welfare system that compromised pensions in Greece and led to the default of their sovereign debt.

Faced with the evident lack of financial education, FP took as a reference 10 recommendations for money management, provided by the financial cooperative Confiar to summarize the 10 common errors that occur in Colombians regarding their finances, especially if they receive additional money as the service premium or the severance interests. Generally, they think that this money is to enjoy it, to spend it on a trip and it does not occur to them to look for investment products.

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However, not all possibilities are closed and there is still time to reorganize your finances. Just try to avoid behaviors such as those that Confirn exposes below, and you can surely continue to materialize your medium and long-term objectives.

#1. They do not know how to calculate the money they will receive: for example, the premium arrives and they do not have clarity of what they will receive, that is why it becomes ‘pocket’ money or to be liked. If for any reason he becomes unemployed, that employee does not know how much will come of liquidation. There are aids in of applications to know the settlement or this explanatory video to calculate the labor settlement.

#2. They let themselves be carried away by the emotion of money: they forget that money is scarce, limited and that it costs a lot to receive it. Therefore, they are given to spend more and end up more indebted than before.

#3. They do not review the financial goals of the year: they are commitments that are not written down by any side or are simply made in the mind like saying ‘this year I will save $ 1 million’, but without proposing realistic plans, but on the contrary, taking more cards and spending more.

#4. They ‘forget’ their obligations: instead of canceling their debts with the banks, of services, of bills, they ‘forget’ them and go out to eat, buy something they liked or go on a trip. The recommendation is to use the automatic debit or discount tools to the payroll savings account to stay up to date, avoid interest and enjoy better.

#5. They do not set goals for saving: before saving, be clear about the date to comply with these savings and, more importantly, what savings are for. The same happens when the premium arrives, you have to know what you want to invest in, so you will avoid spending it little by little on unnecessary things.

# 6 They get carried away by the pressure: take the time to request information and when promotions appear like “for a limited time”, “Just for the early morning”, “the first 100 people”, they go shopping without thinking.

# 7 They do not measure in the vacations: if they travel and the company advances the salary for vacations, a budget must be made that contemplates the trip and the expenses that come later.

# 8 They go out to hunt promotions: u offers for changes in the collection, without remembering that there will always be discounts. The typical spenders go out to find products in the promotion, without being told what items are on offer, the number of available units and their duration. The solution is to verify that the information contains the requirements and conditions to access the promotion.

Image result for 10 financial mistakes you must avoid at all costs

# 9. They do not investigate what investment or saving options there are: if you have not heard of collective investment funds or variable income products, the cooperative has savings products with special rates for your programmed savings and CDT.

# 10. They spend the money in a single month: from now you can foresee the expenses of special dates, to spend a rest of the year with tranquility.

About 8 million Colombians would receive the service premium. This population is part of the formal labor market of the country, that is, 35.5% of the more than 22 million employed in Colombia, according to DANE figures. Recall that the worker is entitled to the premium that is linked by a contract to an employer and that there is a subordination; including those of domestic service. This is calculated proportionally to the time worked.

Crazy architecture: the 7 strangest structures in the world

Exotic and original. Some of these buildings are residential or offices and others are simply tourist attractions. Which are the most unusual

They are the strangest buildings in the world for their original architectural structures, which attract the attention of any tourist who visits the country in which they are located. Each of them inside has many environments.

The Twisted House, in Poland

It has an area of ​​around 4000 square meters.  It is located in Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53

Its real name in Polish is ‘Krzywy Domek’ and in English ‘The Crooked House’ and is located in Sopot, on the coasts of Poland. It was built in 2004 and was inspired by the comics by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. With curved lines simulating movement is one of the most attractive buildings in the country. Inside there are shops, restaurants, and bars.

The dancing house, in Prague

The sculpture is formed by intertwined metal strips that form a half circle

In the capital of the Czech Republic is the ‘The Dancing House’, built and designed in 1992 to pay tribute to the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It stands out among the most peculiar Gothic, Baroque and Art Noveau buildings in the city. Inside it is a restaurant overlooking the Vltava River where tourists often visit and taste the signature dishes offered by the menu.

The basket house in the United States

Dave Longaberger, founder of the group, devised this original property based on its best-selling product, the picnic basket

It is located in Newark, Ohio. It is a huge architectural structure in the form of a picnic basket and is one of the headquarters of the company ‘Longaberger Basket Company ‘, one of the most recognized for the ‘basket bags’ made by hand. It has 6 floors and 59 meters high and 38 meters wide. This receives thousands of visits a year for its strange and striking design.

The Piano house, in China

At night the illumination of the edge of the structure with blue and white lights makes it possible to see the profile of the piano and the strings of the violin.

In Hui, a province of China, is ‘The Piano House’, with a peculiar design, a giant glass violin, and a piano-shaped building. It was built by the government in 2007 with the intention that music students from the university could come together to practice. This has meeting rooms, offices, concert halls, exhibition, and trials.

WonderWorks, in the United States

This attraction is located in Orlando

In Orlando, you will find this tourist attraction simulating the inverted White House. It is an amusement park to exercise the mind in 10,000 square meters with more than 100 exhibitions, simulators of earthquakes and hurricanes. Its design was created with the intention of making tourists believe that a tornado passed through the house.

The Pez building, in India

The architects of this structure designed it to capture the image of a fish so that its employees feel comfortable in their work

Opened in 2012, it is located in the city of Hyderabad, in India and is one of the headquarters of the National Fisheries Development Council of the country justifying the reason for the strange structure. The building has 4 floors and extends over 5 hectares with an estimated cost of 4 million euros. It is not open to the public, only those who work there can enter.

Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore

It is built with 181 tons of stainless steel with a capacity for 3,900 people, considered the longest in the world with the invisible edge

It is the most famous hotel in Singapore and costly at 5,700 million dollars with more than 2,560 rooms, convention center, shops, art museums, theaters, restaurants, and casinos. The main feature of the hotel is its renowned platform that simulates being a boat that has one of the best bars and the infinity pool with stunning views of the city.

9 tips to make the most of online purchases

How to get the best deals and what to take into account to close the transaction

November can be a great month to shop. Settlements of what remains of winter and some merchants offer combos with discounts and payment facilities to tempt consumers. Is that the holidays are close and with it the gifts. If you take into account that inflation was around 3 percent per month, it is essential to make forecasts and not delay purchases at the last minute.

In this sense, e-commerce platforms can be a good alternative not only for the offers they usually offer (especially in some products) but because it allows time to be saved. According to PayPal data, it is estimated that up to 15 million purchases could be made through this payment system.

And the favorite areas for online transactions would seem to be smartphones. According to a report on Christmas shopping in Latin America that Deloitte produced, the most popular product in e-commerce is mobile devices (20%) followed by books (19%) and video games (18%).

Jamie Bonnifield, director of Cross-Border Marketing of PayPal Latin America, offers some tips to make the best use of online offers.


1. Search for offers with time: promotions do not happen in a day

In general, large online stores, as well as small ones, make very interesting pre-sales before important holidays. Last year, according to Deloitte, 71% of respondents preferred to make their purchases during the season prior to the festivities, either at the end of November or the first week of December.

2. Register in online stores

It is a matter of practicality and time-saving. Most of the electronic stores ask the consumer to register to make any kind of purchase. Take the time to register on the websites where you are interested in buying. This is important because, the closer the discounts and promotions are, the higher the risks of having a bad connection due to the intense flow of people accessing the site at the same time.

3. Anticipate Christmas gifts

It is convenient to take advantage of the previous days to do Christmas shopping. November can be a good month to get low prices and avoid long waits in stores or connection problems on the web.

4. Review the offers carefully

If the discounts are too good, it is convenient to look for information about the store or the product, to avoid falling into the hands of a scammer.

5. Compare prices

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Search, check and search again. Ideally, have a list of what you want to buy before the offers begin. This will also help you with your impulse to buy things you do not really need and pay higher prices.

For his part, Gustavo Sambucetti, president of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), shares these tips to close online purchases:

6. Data on shipments

Analyze the available shipping options and delivery times before finalizing the purchase. These options may vary depending on the product purchased and the geographical area in which the user is located.

7. Order tracking

Enter the order number and the shipping tracking code at the moment of closing the purchase that will be used to track the package.

8. Find out all the conditions

Check the policies of changes and returns of each store to know the options if you are not satisfied with the product.

9. Have the contact details of the company

In case of any inconvenience in the purchase, communicate directly with the company in question to help them solve it.

Finally, Victoria Blazevic, responsible for Branding and Communication of Tienda Nube, suggests being alert to special promotions. “Merchants usually offer discount codes, reduce the prices of certain products and/or offer free shipping, and being aware of this is essential so as not to miss a great opportunity,” he concluded.

The Bosch plant will be the most modern in America

The governor of the Mexican state of Guanajuato, Miguel Márquez, said today that the plant that the German industrial group Bosch will install in his region will be the most modern in the entire American continent and will involve an investment of 120 million dollars. In an interview with Efe at the Hannover Fair, the largest in the world industry, Márquez said that the plant with industrial technology 4.0, whose installation agreement was signed today in the exhibition, will create 1,500 direct jobs.

“We had been pursuing the presence of Bosch for 15 years, which was one of the largest companies absent in our state,” said the governor, who also stressed that this week in Hannover the presence of two other German companies and a French company in Guanajuato. These three companies together with Bosch will represent a total investment of 250 million dollars and the creation of 4,000 direct jobs in the state, he said.

Márquez said that in the last eight years the investment of the German companies already adds 2,000 million dollars in the state, where there are already installed more than 40 companies in the European country, including several “very important” in the development of technology, about everything in the automotive sector.

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The presence of Guanajuato at the Hannover Fair represents “being in the best showcase of the 4.0 revolution, which is the technology that we want to be developed and applied in our state,” he said.

The governor stressed that Guanajuato has “established itself as the most important automotive cluster in Latin America” and that the state has six manufacturers in the sector such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda. In addition, he noted that they have increasingly sophisticated companies that are investing in laboratories and research jointly with companies such as Pirelli or Michelin.

He also said that they have developed eight innovation parks of public and private universities, in addition to “eight research centers of the most prestigious in Mexico and Latin America.”

Among them, he cited the center of research in mathematics Cimat, the biotechnology Agrobiotec, the technology applied to footwear and leather Ciatec, which now will also be dedicated to the automotive sector or research in optical CIO, which he considered “the best of Latinamerica”.

“This has allowed us to come working in high-tech developments, students no longer have to do the traditional, today we see them studying nanotechnology, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, robotics, we have taken a very important turn to engineering,” he said.

He noted that in the last six years have reached the 13,000 million dollars of investment in the state, which “is a historical record.”

In 2017, exports from Guanajuato increased to 23,000 million dollars from the 11,000 million that they had marked six years earlier.

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He also noted that the current unemployment rate of 2.8 percent is “the lowest in history, and almost full employment.”

“We have taken a very important leap in industrial development without neglecting agriculture,” he said and indicated, in this regard, that they have just signed an agreement in the Netherlands with the Ministry of Agriculture to export vegetables and berries for the first time. to that European country.

Among the advantages of Guanajuato to attract foreign investment, the governor cited the geographical location in the center of the country, five hours from the port of Manzanillo, the main destination for Pacific products, or nine hours by road from the US.

“We have very good connectivity, an excellent road infrastructure and we have also opted for education, in which we have tripled the investment,” he said.

He also highlighted the absence of labor strikes and that the state is the second with the most youth in Mexico and occupies one of the first three places in the country in the rating of the judiciary.

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“There is a legal certainty, when you sign something you know that it is going to be fulfilled, trust is very important and has made more than 30 countries invest in Guanajuato today,” he said.

In this regard, said that in his state what is approved today is respected in five or ten years, regardless of who governs, which “gives a lot of peace and confidence to companies.”

“We have understood very well the opportunities since the signing of the free trade agreement with the US and Canada in 1994, from being a predominantly agricultural and commercial state we have become a very industrial state,” he said.

In these professions you will find more job offers

If you think you have many titles, being a ‘luminary’ and shine for your ideas at work guarantees a good position, we tell you what they think of this year recruiters in the field.

We want to congratulate you if you are reading this and have a good position. Look no further what contacts you have on your LinkedIn profile and you will realize that you do not have to complain so much about hard work, those that are 8 or more working hours, where you have to put up with a boss who does not have a face like ‘few’ friends’, or where he has been doing the same thing for years and do not recognize his best effort with a salary that compensates.

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If you start reading among your contacts in this professional network, you will see updates from people who say they have been finding work for more than three months, with more than 500 resumes and vacancies applied, even accepting projects of two or three months. They question their lack of work commitment, but they are discriminated against because, unfortunately, working on these projects has been the only way to get income that has worked for them.

This perception is supported by what the employers themselves say. According to a report by the ManpowerGroup personnel recruiter on Employment Expectations for the second quarter of 2018, Employers report modest hiring plans for the aforementioned period.

While 15% of employers expect to increase their staff, 7% anticipate a decrease and 76% do not forecast any change, resulting in a Net Employment Outlook of + 8%. The intention of hiring, cleaning the results by seasonality, an expectation of + 6%, which is presented as the weakest reported in more than 8 years, declining by 2 and 6 percentage points quarterly, the survey indicates.

Which areas offer more employment?

In the most recent Labor Trends Report, 2018 of the search portal it is shown that the careers in business administration, industrial engineering, and computer systems engineering are the ones with the most job offers registered during the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. The figures show the sum of monthly offers in each quarter. Except for business administration and financial administration, all added more offers in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the last quarter of last year.

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This behavior is similar to that of the professions that applied the most employment to the offers of this portal. Business administrators were the most active in job applications during the first three months of the year. In January, 1,562,064 applications were received, in February they totaled 1,357,726 applications, and in March they reached 1,254,788.

Industrial engineers ranked second in the first months of 2018: 974,887 in January, a total of 876,134 applications in February and 795,057 in March. The third was shared between business managers and accountants. Social communicators and journalists appeared during the first two months of 2018; in March, its place was occupied by mechanical engineers.

The educational offer has more supply and demand in the degrees of university formation, followed by the average education and of the professional technical level. In the last places, the offer appears for those who have a master’s and doctorate degree.

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