9 tips to make the most of online purchases

How to get the best deals and what to take into account to close the transaction

November can be a great month to shop. Settlements of what remains of winter and some merchants offer combos with discounts and payment facilities to tempt consumers. Is that the holidays are close and with it the gifts. If you take into account that inflation was around 3 percent per month, it is essential to make forecasts and not delay purchases at the last minute.

In this sense, e-commerce platforms can be a good alternative not only for the offers they usually offer (especially in some products) but because it allows time to be saved. According to PayPal data, it is estimated that up to 15 million purchases could be made through this payment system.

And the favorite areas for online transactions would seem to be smartphones. According to a report on Christmas shopping in Latin America that Deloitte produced, the most popular product in e-commerce is mobile devices (20%) followed by books (19%) and video games (18%).

Jamie Bonnifield, director of Cross-Border Marketing of PayPal Latin America, offers some tips to make the best use of online offers.


1. Search for offers with time: promotions do not happen in a day

In general, large online stores, as well as small ones, make very interesting pre-sales before important holidays. Last year, according to Deloitte, 71% of respondents preferred to make their purchases during the season prior to the festivities, either at the end of November or the first week of December.

2. Register in online stores

It is a matter of practicality and time-saving. Most of the electronic stores ask the consumer to register to make any kind of purchase. Take the time to register on the websites where you are interested in buying. This is important because, the closer the discounts and promotions are, the higher the risks of having a bad connection due to the intense flow of people accessing the site at the same time.

3. Anticipate Christmas gifts

It is convenient to take advantage of the previous days to do Christmas shopping. November can be a good month to get low prices and avoid long waits in stores or connection problems on the web.

4. Review the offers carefully

If the discounts are too good, it is convenient to look for information about the store or the product, to avoid falling into the hands of a scammer.

5. Compare prices

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Search, check and search again. Ideally, have a list of what you want to buy before the offers begin. This will also help you with your impulse to buy things you do not really need and pay higher prices.

For his part, Gustavo Sambucetti, president of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), shares these tips to close online purchases:

6. Data on shipments

Analyze the available shipping options and delivery times before finalizing the purchase. These options may vary depending on the product purchased and the geographical area in which the user is located.

7. Order tracking

Enter the order number and the shipping tracking code at the moment of closing the purchase that will be used to track the package.

8. Find out all the conditions

Check the policies of changes and returns of each store to know the options if you are not satisfied with the product.

9. Have the contact details of the company

In case of any inconvenience in the purchase, communicate directly with the company in question to help them solve it.

Finally, Victoria Blazevic, responsible for Branding and Communication of Tienda Nube, suggests being alert to special promotions. “Merchants usually offer discount codes, reduce the prices of certain products and/or offer free shipping, and being aware of this is essential so as not to miss a great opportunity,” he concluded.