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Crazy architecture: the 7 strangest structures in the world

Exotic and original. Some of these buildings are residential or offices and others are simply tourist attractions. Which are the most unusual

They are the strangest buildings in the world for their original architectural structures, which attract the attention of any tourist who visits the country in which they are located. Each of them inside has many environments.

The Twisted House, in Poland

It has an area of ​​around 4000 square meters.  It is located in Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53

Its real name in Polish is ‘Krzywy Domek’ and in English ‘The Crooked House’ and is located in Sopot, on the coasts of Poland. It was built in 2004 and was inspired by the comics by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. With curved lines simulating movement is one of the most attractive buildings in the country. Inside there are shops, restaurants, and bars.

The dancing house, in Prague

The sculpture is formed by intertwined metal strips that form a half circle

In the capital of the Czech Republic is the ‘The Dancing House’, built and designed in 1992 to pay tribute to the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It stands out among the most peculiar Gothic, Baroque and Art Noveau buildings in the city. Inside it is a restaurant overlooking the Vltava River where tourists often visit and taste the signature dishes offered by the menu.

The basket house in the United States

Dave Longaberger, founder of the group, devised this original property based on its best-selling product, the picnic basket

It is located in Newark, Ohio. It is a huge architectural structure in the form of a picnic basket and is one of the headquarters of the company ‘Longaberger Basket Company ‘, one of the most recognized for the ‘basket bags’ made by hand. It has 6 floors and 59 meters high and 38 meters wide. This receives thousands of visits a year for its strange and striking design.

The Piano house, in China

At night the illumination of the edge of the structure with blue and white lights makes it possible to see the profile of the piano and the strings of the violin.

In Hui, a province of China, is ‘The Piano House’, with a peculiar design, a giant glass violin, and a piano-shaped building. It was built by the government in 2007 with the intention that music students from the university could come together to practice. This has meeting rooms, offices, concert halls, exhibition, and trials.

WonderWorks, in the United States

This attraction is located in Orlando

In Orlando, you will find this tourist attraction simulating the inverted White House. It is an amusement park to exercise the mind in 10,000 square meters with more than 100 exhibitions, simulators of earthquakes and hurricanes. Its design was created with the intention of making tourists believe that a tornado passed through the house.

The Pez building, in India

The architects of this structure designed it to capture the image of a fish so that its employees feel comfortable in their work

Opened in 2012, it is located in the city of Hyderabad, in India and is one of the headquarters of the National Fisheries Development Council of the country justifying the reason for the strange structure. The building has 4 floors and extends over 5 hectares with an estimated cost of 4 million euros. It is not open to the public, only those who work there can enter.

Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore

It is built with 181 tons of stainless steel with a capacity for 3,900 people, considered the longest in the world with the invisible edge

It is the most famous hotel in Singapore and costly at 5,700 million dollars with more than 2,560 rooms, convention center, shops, art museums, theaters, restaurants, and casinos. The main feature of the hotel is its renowned platform that simulates being a boat that has one of the best bars and the infinity pool with stunning views of the city.

In these professions you will find more job offers

If you think you have many titles, being a ‘luminary’ and shine for your ideas at work guarantees a good position, we tell you what they think of this year recruiters in the field.

We want to congratulate you if you are reading this and have a good position. Look no further what contacts you have on your LinkedIn profile and you will realize that you do not have to complain so much about hard work, those that are 8 or more working hours, where you have to put up with a boss who does not have a face like ‘few’ friends’, or where he has been doing the same thing for years and do not recognize his best effort with a salary that compensates.

Image result for In these professions you will find more job offers

If you start reading among your contacts in this professional network, you will see updates from people who say they have been finding work for more than three months, with more than 500 resumes and vacancies applied, even accepting projects of two or three months. They question their lack of work commitment, but they are discriminated against because, unfortunately, working on these projects has been the only way to get income that has worked for them.

This perception is supported by what the employers themselves say. According to a report by the ManpowerGroup personnel recruiter on Employment Expectations for the second quarter of 2018, Employers report modest hiring plans for the aforementioned period.

While 15% of employers expect to increase their staff, 7% anticipate a decrease and 76% do not forecast any change, resulting in a Net Employment Outlook of + 8%. The intention of hiring, cleaning the results by seasonality, an expectation of + 6%, which is presented as the weakest reported in more than 8 years, declining by 2 and 6 percentage points quarterly, the survey indicates.

Which areas offer more employment?

In the most recent Labor Trends Report, 2018 of the search portal it is shown that the careers in business administration, industrial engineering, and computer systems engineering are the ones with the most job offers registered during the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. The figures show the sum of monthly offers in each quarter. Except for business administration and financial administration, all added more offers in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the last quarter of last year.

Related image

This behavior is similar to that of the professions that applied the most employment to the offers of this portal. Business administrators were the most active in job applications during the first three months of the year. In January, 1,562,064 applications were received, in February they totaled 1,357,726 applications, and in March they reached 1,254,788.

Industrial engineers ranked second in the first months of 2018: 974,887 in January, a total of 876,134 applications in February and 795,057 in March. The third was shared between business managers and accountants. Social communicators and journalists appeared during the first two months of 2018; in March, its place was occupied by mechanical engineers.

The educational offer has more supply and demand in the degrees of university formation, followed by the average education and of the professional technical level. In the last places, the offer appears for those who have a master’s and doctorate degree.

Bank of England raises interest rate to 0.5%

The Bank of England has announced a rise in the UK’s benchmark interest rate from 0.25% to 0.5%, the first increase in a decade.

The monetary policy committee decided by seven votes in favor and two against applying this increase, which reverses the 0.25% drop applied in August 2016 to resist the effects of the vote favorable to Brexit (British exit of the European Union, EU) in the referendum on June 23 of that year.

The Bank of England has estimated that the British economy, which has annualized growth of 1.5%, is sufficiently consolidated to resist this increase, aimed at containing the advance of inflation, which stood at 3% in September.

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This is the first increase in interest rates in this country since July 2007, before the global credit crunch exploded, which plunged the UK into a recession.

To address this crisis, the bank lowered interest rates to 0.5% in March 2009, at which level they remained until the reduction to a new all-time low in August 2016.

The Bank of England has also decided to keep its quantitative expansion program intact – to stimulate the economy – in which it has invested a total of £ 445 billion to buy mostly public-private bonds.

In its report released today, the institution predicts that the British economy “will grow modestly in the next few years,” while consumption, an economic engine, “will remain fragile in the short term” until eventually, it will rise to wages.

The bank acknowledged that although the effects of Brexit were lower than expected, they “affected business investment” despite benefiting exports.

“Inflation is expected to fall next year, eventually reaching the 2% target,” the institution said, noting that any future interest rate increases will be “moderate and gradual.”

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With unemployment at 4.3 percent – its lowest in 12 years – the UK economy held up better than expected to the effects of Brexit’s trading with Brussels and rose 0.4 percent in the third quarter, up from 0, 3% of the previous two quarters.

This generates an annualized growth of 1.5%, slightly below 2% estimated by the Government last March.

Nonetheless, low wages and rising household debt, which plagued domestic demand, have led many analysts to believe that today’s increase in interest rates will be timely rather than the beginning of a series of increases.

Wealth in Latin America increases 3.9% in one year

Private wealth in Latin America rose 3.9 percent to $ 8.1 trillion between mid-2016 and 2017, according to a study by financial entity Credit Suisse released on Tuesday.

Globally, the study found that global wealth in private hands increased between mid-2016 and mid-2017 by 6.4 percent or $ 16.7 trillion, which represents the fastest pace of growth since 2012 and a global wealth of $ 280 trillion.

According to the work of the Swiss bank, the wealth per adult in Latin America is currently at the US $ 19.04 thousand, which represents an increase of 2.1%.

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By comparison, the global average is $ 56,500, representing an increase of 4.9% and a new record.

However, the gap between those who have the most and those who have the least globally is considerable, given that in the ranking of wealth distribution it can be seen that 3.5 billion people, equivalent to 70% of all adults in the have less than $ 10,000.

The study highlights that in Latin America there are currently 460 thousand people with more than the US $ 1 million, and projects that by 2022 will be 54% more, or 706 thousand.

Globally, there are 36 million millionaires today, after adding 2.3 million new ones in a year.

By countries in the region, Brazil has 164 thousand millionaires and is expected to increase by 81% by 2022, to 296 thousand.

In Mexico, there were 84 thousand millionaires in the middle of 2017, the number that should increase to 88 thousand within five years.

The Argentinians, meanwhile, have 30 thousand million of them, a figure that will increase by 127 percent by 2022, when there will be 68 thousand, according to the report.

North America and Europe account for 64% of the wealth of households, followed by the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China and India), China, Latin America, India and Africa.

The report analyzes in more detail the economies of Brazil and Chile and states in the case of the South American giant that the country has suffered a crisis that has diminished wealth per adult 35% since 2011.

Brazil is among the many countries in which the majority of citizens have a wealth of between US $ 10,000 and the US $ 100,000, but the inequality is relatively high.

Only 1% of the richest have 44% of the household’s wealth in the country.

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Wealth in Brazil amounts to the US $ 2.5 trillion and fortune per adult is currently the US $ 17,400.

In the case of Chile, one of the strongest economies in Latin America, the country has a wealth of US $ 700 billion and 57 thousand people with a fortune of more than US $ 1 million.

According to the Credit Suisse report, 79,000 adults are among the richest 1% in the world.

The wealth per adult in that country is $ 52,800, only “a little” below the world average and “relatively high” compared to most emerging market economies, “the study says.

Chile also has a smaller proportion of adults with a wealth of less than the US $ 10,000 than the world average (37% versus 70%) and also a percentage of adults slightly over the US $ 100,000 compared (8% compared to 9%).

US economy grew at a 3.2% pace in the third quarter of 2017

The US economy grew at an annual rate of 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2017, slightly below the previous estimate of 3.3 percent, the US government said on Thursday.

The US Department of Commerce today released the latest of its three calculations on the evolution of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between July and September.

Despite the slight downward revision, the growth rate of 3.2% is the highest recorded since the beginning of 2015.

Image result for US economy grew at a 3.2% pace in the third quarter of 2017

The number is slightly lower than analysts’ estimates, which had anticipated a 3.3% expansion.

The data was driven by a smaller increase in consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of economic activity, and grew 2.2%, compared to 2.3% previously anticipated.

Sustained economic improvement in the US has led the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates three times this year, the last one a week ago, to leave them at between 1.25% and 1.5% %.

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President Donald Trump reached the White House in January this year with a promise to achieve annual growth of more than 3 percent underpinned by an ambitious plan that would represent the country’s biggest tax reform over decades and cut corporate and many Americans.

After overcoming a number of obstacles, the plan was approved by both Houses of Congress on Wednesday and promises, according to Republicans, to accelerate economic growth to about 4% per year.