The Bosch plant will be the most modern in America

The governor of the Mexican state of Guanajuato, Miguel Márquez, said today that the plant that the German industrial group Bosch will install in his region will be the most modern in the entire American continent and will involve an investment of 120 million dollars. In an interview with Efe at the Hannover Fair, the largest in the world industry, Márquez said that the plant with industrial technology 4.0, whose installation agreement was signed today in the exhibition, will create 1,500 direct jobs.

“We had been pursuing the presence of Bosch for 15 years, which was one of the largest companies absent in our state,” said the governor, who also stressed that this week in Hannover the presence of two other German companies and a French company in Guanajuato. These three companies together with Bosch will represent a total investment of 250 million dollars and the creation of 4,000 direct jobs in the state, he said.

Márquez said that in the last eight years the investment of the German companies already adds 2,000 million dollars in the state, where there are already installed more than 40 companies in the European country, including several “very important” in the development of technology, about everything in the automotive sector.

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The presence of Guanajuato at the Hannover Fair represents “being in the best showcase of the 4.0 revolution, which is the technology that we want to be developed and applied in our state,” he said.

The governor stressed that Guanajuato has “established itself as the most important automotive cluster in Latin America” and that the state has six manufacturers in the sector such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda. In addition, he noted that they have increasingly sophisticated companies that are investing in laboratories and research jointly with companies such as Pirelli or Michelin.

He also said that they have developed eight innovation parks of public and private universities, in addition to “eight research centers of the most prestigious in Mexico and Latin America.”

Among them, he cited the center of research in mathematics Cimat, the biotechnology Agrobiotec, the technology applied to footwear and leather Ciatec, which now will also be dedicated to the automotive sector or research in optical CIO, which he considered “the best of Latinamerica”.

“This has allowed us to come working in high-tech developments, students no longer have to do the traditional, today we see them studying nanotechnology, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, robotics, we have taken a very important turn to engineering,” he said.

He noted that in the last six years have reached the 13,000 million dollars of investment in the state, which “is a historical record.”

In 2017, exports from Guanajuato increased to 23,000 million dollars from the 11,000 million that they had marked six years earlier.

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He also noted that the current unemployment rate of 2.8 percent is “the lowest in history, and almost full employment.”

“We have taken a very important leap in industrial development without neglecting agriculture,” he said and indicated, in this regard, that they have just signed an agreement in the Netherlands with the Ministry of Agriculture to export vegetables and berries for the first time. to that European country.

Among the advantages of Guanajuato to attract foreign investment, the governor cited the geographical location in the center of the country, five hours from the port of Manzanillo, the main destination for Pacific products, or nine hours by road from the US.

“We have very good connectivity, an excellent road infrastructure and we have also opted for education, in which we have tripled the investment,” he said.

He also highlighted the absence of labor strikes and that the state is the second with the most youth in Mexico and occupies one of the first three places in the country in the rating of the judiciary.

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“There is a legal certainty, when you sign something you know that it is going to be fulfilled, trust is very important and has made more than 30 countries invest in Guanajuato today,” he said.

In this regard, said that in his state what is approved today is respected in five or ten years, regardless of who governs, which “gives a lot of peace and confidence to companies.”

“We have understood very well the opportunities since the signing of the free trade agreement with the US and Canada in 1994, from being a predominantly agricultural and commercial state we have become a very industrial state,” he said.