The future of a country is marked by its citizens, especially the youngest ones

The economy should be a space of ethics and honesty in their day to day and in their decision-making

Increasingly in the business world, ethics and social actions have a greater weight in the decision making of companies, in their public actions, in their day-to-day internal decisions, and in their long-term plans.

Ethics is the philosophical discipline that studies good and evil and its relations with moral and human behavior. In this field, experts define business ethics ” like the branch of ethics that deals with addressing moral issues in business.” Therefore, the action of the management must always be governed by the good government that establishes as premises the integration in the business future plans of the environmental, social and ethical dimension.

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Establishing as a general goal to value the positive contribution of companies and organizations to achieve a sustainable future both at the company level and in its contribution to local and even international conservation level depending on the scope of action of the company (local or multinational). The theory is clear if you are a good entrepreneur and betting on ethics, honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and respect in making decisions to the company will go better.

Of course, the process is not altruistic because companies, in addition, seek a return, something lawful for any company on the other hand. Reason for which environmental or social marketing has been created.

Global Marketing defines this modality: “Green or ecological marketing is one that defines the commercial strategy of a company dedicated, normally, to the sale of organic products. But not only that, but it can also be any other type of product that has been prepared to reduce its impact on the environment.

Therefore, everyone in the business field accepts the environment as a factor in the future decisions of companies. The legal requirements, together with the new demands of consumers, are “changing the world” of the company and above all how the products or services that are launched on the market are designed. As you can see, all companies “fight” to be the greenest, those that sell the most in green, those that consume fewer resources and those that are more efficient.


But reality, as always, commands. In this case, the reality speaks of a business sector that has as a maximum to produce to sell. The demand for competitiveness worldwide speaks of cost savings to be able to compete for cheap resources and lower cost labor.

The World Bank, a benchmark for international capitalism, recognizes that sustainability does not reach the entire planet: “1.2 billion people still have no access to electricity; 870 million are undernourished and 780 million still lack safe and clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people still lack sanitation services.

“The land continues to degrade, forests are lost and species are in danger of extinction as carbon emissions continue to change the environment in which we live”, are the words that remind us of the situation from the international institution.

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Therefore, being sustainable is not the main criterion for most of the business world, but in this case, I must tell you that I am optimistic that once again the problems of a society will be solved by young people.

Young people who show a high degree of awareness of environmental problems and who assume their power as customers by deciding what to buy and also giving opinions on the networks so that more and more people know what degree of satisfaction has produced such a service or product and therefore how Every company works They have no difficulty in protesting something wrong and also do not have any kind of “loyalty” to brands can change without any problem of product provider.

Therefore, the strengths of this generation become the great “fears” of any director of a large company. Great weapon, the “opinion in networks” that is capable of changing the habits of companies, cities, politicians or even societies in general. Therefore let us be optimistic in the future shaped by our young people. And ethics remember the teacher Borges: “As a human being, I am a kind of anthology of contradictions, gaffes, errors, but I have an ethical sense. That does not mean that I work better than others, but simply that I try to act well and do not expect punishment or reward. Heaven and hell are too big for me. “